Thursday, April 24, 2014

Parity in the NBA?

As I am writing this there are 49 seconds left to go in the Portland Houston game 2 (looks like Portland is about to go up 2-0 in the series), and I am asking myself are we starting to see Parity in the NBA?  I’m only 28 but have followed all things Basketball since I was a little kid (this is a prerequisite to live in the state of Kentucky). So, back to the “Parity” in question.  I’m going to start with my birth year (1985), in the 29 NBA season over this period there have been 8 different Champions. Of those champions the Dallas Mavericks are the only team that has not found a way to win another.

(Hey I was right Portland won)

Ok, so if you asking yourself if this guy has any idea what parity is I assure you it is coming, well actually here it is. Right now all series have completed 2 games, and we only have 3 series at a 2-0 mark.  Only one of those three teams is the favorite.  That team is the 2 time defending champion (that hurts to say) Miami Heat… and they had no easy task getting there against a team that is 2 years removed from a 7 win season (albeit a shortened season).

Let's look outside of the playoffs. Think back to the start of the season when everyone was criticizing teams for setting up to tank. Phoenix was on that list. They finished one game out of the 8th seed in the west. Who's the star on that team? No Dragic doesn't count (that's just a good player that got the ball a lot this season)! So how did they just barely miss the playoffs? Good players are closing the gap on the great players, and if you have several good players they don't have to be counted on every night.  Remember when those superstars Terrence Ross and Corey Brewer put up 51? How about when Aaron brooks dished out 17 dimes?  Maybe you can recall the face of the Denver Nuggets Timofey Mozgov grabbing 29 boards.

Last point I promise! Ultimately some ping pong balls will have a lot to say about how some of these teams fair next season. Regardless, this draft is deep, and filled with some big time talent. Not only are some of the teams that will get lottery picks almost playoff teams already, many of the teams well behind this season only appeared that way.  (Once those balls are picked and the underclassmen declare I will start working on a Mock draft and team outlook)

This is a small sample size, and I really doubt that the Wizards are going to be the 9th team to hang a banner in my lifetime this year. (I hope it’s the Thunder)