Wednesday, April 09, 2014

My Intro

Hello guys and gals and welcome to Mile High Sports Musings :)

I will start off my first post with just a simple introduction of who I am and what I am looking to accomplish in my newly formed blog.

First of all my name is Eric and I am 27 yrs old, married to my awesome and wonderful wife, and a new proud father of a handsome little boy. I was born in the great state of North Dakota. I graduated college in 2006 from Bismarck State College with an Associate Degree in Applied Science with a major in Process Plant Technology. After I graduated, I started to work at a pasta plant for approximately six months. In 2007, I moved to Colorado after accepting a job in research and development on alternative fuels. After almost five years there, I accepted a job in the natural gas industry where I am currently a gas plant operator.
I am a huge sports fan and occassionally dabble in fantasy sports. I have been a Carolina Panthers fan since their inception in 1995, just admiring their colors LOL. Boston Red Sox fan since right before the Pedro Martinez days. Colorado Avalanche/Rockies since 2007 (when I moved down to Colorado). Kansas Jayhawks since the Jeff Boschee days (fellow North Dakotan) and finally the North Dakota FIGHTING SIOUX and North Dakota State Bison. So that's a little about me in a nutshell!

On to the purpose of what I want to accomplish with this blog. I may have a few others joining me in writing about sports and occasionally fantasy sports as well. Within  the sports section you may see stuff like rankings, mock drafts, recaps, and game analysis.Within the fantasy sports category you may also see stuff like preseason rankings or stuff related to my fantasy league. I run a four-sport league called Fantasy Factory and will also be running a contract dynasty hockey league that will start up this upcoming fall if everything works out time wise. As for blogging, I will try and do one every week or two just depending on my schedule and how time allows. I am not Matthew Berry, so please bare with me LOL. I will try my best to keep you guys entertained and interested in my stuff. Please feel free to leave comments and agree or disagree with what I have to say.

Thank you very much and hope you guys enjoy :)